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International Canadian Vitamins

Canadian Vitamins provides superior supplement and ingredient encapsulation services at an affordable price point. Our Research and Development team has years of experience in enhancing and reworking formulas for use in capsule delivered supplements to provide the highest quality finished product possible.
We will utilize cutting edge manufacturing equipment to ensure your product consistently meets quality standards expected by both consumers and regulatory agencies. For most capsule orders, we will use our medium mixer to perfectly blend ingredients to prepare for encapsulation. Once the ingredients have been properly blended we will utilize one of our encapsulation machines to produce between 700 and 2000 capsules per minute, depending on the order size.
Tablet Manufacturing

Canadian Vitamins has the tableting solutions and equipment needed to make your product vision a reality.


At Canadian Vitamins, we have built our reputation on manufacturing vitamins at affordable prices. When it comes to vitamins, there is a vast difference between superior supplements and cut-rate,

we customize medical formula depending on your requirement.

Natures Formulae is a progressive Canadian product development and manufacturing company with over 25 years experience.

Have an idea for a quality natural health product? As a custom manufacturer, we can help.

Needing higher quantities to meet market demand?

Looking for a way to develop your own label? Let’s talk about the advantages of private labeling.

From a single product to a full product line, we can help you every step of the way. Our expert teams work to meet your needs in product formulation, testing, and manufacturing.